SDTC charges reasonable fees for its services.

  • SDTC usually charges flat fees generally based upon labor, risks, etc., versus a fee tied to the fair market value of an account.
  • Fees will vary depending on the type of trust, asset value, the number of different accounts and types of account, the number and location of beneficiaries, frequency of distributions, SDTC’s responsibilities as outlined in the trust document, the complexity of the related tax reporting, and the type of trust administration (e.g., “directed” or “delegated”).
  • Fee guidelines are available for all of SDTC’s trust services; however, due to the individualized nature of its trust services, individual fee letters and proposals are composed for each client and prospect.
  • All trusts, underlying assets, and accompanying documents are subject to review before acceptance by SDTC.
  • Some fees are collected monthly and are subject to change at any time. Many accounts warrant the payment of fees up front.
  • If an account terminates within the first year, the full annual fee will generally be charged. Account termination beyond the first year of account opening will be subject to SDTC’s hourly fees based on the time involved to close and transfer the accounts. In case of distribution to a non-SDTC account, a reasonable charge based on SDTC’s duties and expenses will be collected.