SDTC can serve as trustee’s agent to relieve and/or support the trustee (individual or institution) named in the trust document in the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with the fiduciary role.

SDTC provides all of the technology, back-office assistance, custody, accounting, administration, tax services, etc. Investment management services can also be provided by SDTC in its role as “trust agent.” Please note most trust documents have provisions allowing the named trustee to hire agents.

The features and benefits of SDTC’s Trust Agency service are as follows:

  • Private Agreement
  • Confidential Information; no publicity
  • Experienced Trust Officers assigned to account
  • Convenience; Time Savings
  • Assist with establishing South Dakota Situs
  • Complete Records for Tax Purposes
  • Custody and Trust Accounting Service
  • Purchase and Sale of Securities; Execution of Trades
  • Collection and Disbursement of Income
  • Preservation of Assets
  • Professional Management of Assets (Financial and Non Financial)
  • Secure Internet Access for clients and advisors
  • Professional Trust Administration: Assist with most Fiduciary Duties
  • Coordinate with Asset Managers (Financial & Non-Financial)