SDTC offers four basic options for Trust Custody Accounting:

1. Custodian does not interface with Infovisa:

  • SDTC establishes an account in the name of the trust, e.g., ABC Trust, dated 1/1/21 with the investment manager using the trust’s custodian. (There can be multiple managers and accounts).
  • All marketable securities are in these account(s).
  • SDTC shows each account as a line item on its books and through internet access adjusts the market value periodically to reflect accurate trust valuation.
  • Custodian provides statements to SDTC.
  • SDTC’s trust accounting statement is supplemented by attaching the custodian’s statement for the security detail.
  • This is a cost-effective option.

2. Custodian does not interface with Infovisa – Use of entity:

  • A second way to deal with this option is to establish an LLC and/or partnership that holds the marketable securities using the client’s and/or investment manager’s custodian.
  • The LLC and/or partnership sets up an account with the custodian to hold the securities.
  • SDTC’s records show the LLC and/or partnership as an asset of the trust, not the individual securities.
  • All security transactions take place within the LLC and/or partnership; therefore, no security transactions will show at the trust level nor will there be reconciliations required by SDTC.
  • Custodian provides statements of position to trustee and members and/or partners.
  • SDTC will adjust the market value of the LLC and/or partnership to reflect the correct value of the trust.
  • All trust-related transactions take place in the trust by the trustee and are reflected on the trust statement provided by SDTC.
  • This is a cost-effective option for trustee’s fee.

3. SDTC’s third-party custodian interfaces with Infovisa:

  • SDTC’s third-party custodian and Infovisa (SDTC’s trust accounting system) have a direct interface for all transactions and information regarding the securities.
  • SDTC’s third-party custodian and Infovisa have representatives assigned to SDTC to work with the trust officers and reconcile the holdings.
  • SDTC’s third-party custodian tracks capital calls, mergers, acquisitions, dividends, etc. which interfaces with Infovisa.
  • Detailed account statements are provided by SDTC.
  • Advent and Financial Technology Integrators are available to assist the money manager.
  • Infovisa provides internet access to the trust account which can also be used to manage the assets.
  • Please contact us for additional information on SDTC’s third-party custodian.

4. Custodian interfaces with Infovisa:

  • SDTC currently works with more than fifty financial institutions that interface with Infovisa.
  • Transactions are sent via an interface to Infovisa.
  • SDTC reconciles the holdings between the custodial account and the trust accounting system.
  • Detailed account statements are provided by SDTC.