The SDTC difference – our attitude in working with clients.

SDTC normally fulfills a fiduciary role as co-trustee, “delegated” trustee or “directed” trustee working with one or more family members and/or family advisors (i.e., investment managers, CPA’s, attorneys, insurance advisors, financial consultants and planners, etc.). SDTC seeks to ensure that all of the individuals involved in the administration and management of the trust, complement each other and provide for the beneficiaries in consideration of their needs.

Many times, a corporate fiduciary will demand or eventually seek total control in carrying out the trustee functions; this is not the case with SDTC. Our objective is not for the individuals, advisors or co-trustees to lose control but rather to gain more control and to be able to execute their roles without being burdened by the trust administration functions. The creation of a newly drafted South Dakota trust or the movement of an existing trust to South Dakota requires not only the trust to be administered in South Dakota, but also special expertise in tax, accounting, non-financial asset management, South Dakota law and other areas, all of which SDTC provides.

In many instances, wealthy families desire a trustee willing to “delegate” certain responsibilities such as investment management (i.e., a delegated trust) or to accept direction from an investment committee and/or distribution committee (i.e., directed trust). “Directed” and “delegated” trusts are best suited in modern trust states like South Dakota.

SDTC efficiently accommodates these scenarios with experienced and knowledgeable administrators as well as state of the art technology. Further, if desired, SDTC can also serve as “full” trustee providing a family with an all-inclusive approach to trust administration. However, regardless in what capacity SDTC serves the client, the results are always the same: “flexible, individualized, service-oriented, and cost-effective trust administration.”

Directed Trusts

Directed trusts provide a family with maximum flexibility and control regarding the trust’s asset allocation, diversification, investment management and distributions.

Delegated Trusts

South Dakota has some of the better “delegated” trust statutes. South Dakota’s unique trust laws allow a trustee to delegate certain responsibilities to other professionals and/or co-trustees.

Trust Agency

SDTC can serve as trustee’s agent to relieve and/or support the trustee named in the trust document of the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with the fiduciary role.

Special Purpose Entity

South Dakota is one of only two states that recognizes these entities by statute, which has established South Dakota as one of the more popular states for Special Purpose Entities.

Regulated & Unregulated PFTCs

Understand the benefits of establishing a regulated Private Family Trust Company in South Dakota, and an unregulated Private Family Trust Company in Wyoming & Nevada.

Private Label Services

SDTC’s private label trust administration services are available to investment management firms, brokerage firms, multi-family offices, family offices, insurance companies, and banks and/or custodians.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

SDTC provides trust and LLC administration services for fixed, variable, and private placement life insurance policies. SDTC serves as trustee of numerous insurance trusts due to its low premium tax, great trust, insurance, asset protection and lending laws.